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Great news

Aug 15, 2017 by Kevin

This is great news. Thanks for all your help John !

Managing Partner - Attorney

We call on the DeMarr team whenever our firm needs video surveillance

Aug 11, 2017 by Scott

A client came to us with a divorce case after he had hired John DeMarr to find out whether his wife was cheating on him. Often when that happens, the law firm needs to hire their own private investigator, because the evidence gathered when there’s no attorney on the case is often compromised by sloppy work on the investigators’ part. When the client gave us the footage collected by John DeMarr’s operatives, I was surprised to see the quality of the video and the care with which it had been gathered. We had no need to bring in another investigator to do the job right…and now we call on the DeMarr team whenever our firm needs video surveillance.

They went to great lengths to effect the service

Aug 11, 2017 by Dean

A lot of attorney’s offices don’t fully understand what private investigators have to go through sometimes in order to serve documents. We sent John A DeMarr a serve job we thought was going to be easy. It was anything but that. When I found out that the subject was intentionally eluding service, I asked the office staff at DeMarr to keep me filled in on everything they were doing, because I was curious. They went to great lengths to effect the service, including stakeouts and a number of ruses to get to the subject. Not only did John DeMarr’s team get my documents served – I’m never going to take process servers for granted again.

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