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You have been very helpful in all the projects

Oct 18, 2017 by Henry

You have been very helpful in all the projects I’ve used your services for. Thank you again.


Henry - attorney at law

I hired a private detective to check into my boyfriend

Oct 05, 2017 by Stacy P.

Okay…I know it may sound totally paranoid that I hired a private detective to check into my boyfriend, but you just can’t be too careful who you get serious about these days. Especially when someone seems too good to be true. Maybe I am a little paranoid, but how often do you come across a guy who’s great looking and a doctor and opens the car door for you and always picks up the check?

Before letting myself fall for him big time, I wanted to be sure that he was what he said he was. This isn’t the first time I’ve had someone’s background checked into – it’s a precaution every woman should take with all the crazies out there. This time, I hired John DeMarr and I was very pleased with the service his firm provided. Starting with the lovely girl who answers their phones, everyone was always courteous and helpful – and never made me feel like I was being paranoid.

In less than a week, the people at DeMarr sent me a complete report that was very professionally prepared and very well organized. They knew exactly what information someone in my situation would want, and provided me with the answers I needed. They did a very thorough job, looking for everything from aliases to tax liens and bankruptcies to a medical license search to criminal records. I felt that I had everything I needed to know when I read the report.

So I guess everyone’s wondering if my boyfriend checked out. He did. Everything he’d told me was true, he wasn’t married before, he wasn’t in jail, and he didn’t owe the IRS $200K. I was 100% relieved after reading the report, and felt that I could trust it completely. I guess sometimes too good to be true turns out to be true. Having the investigator run the check didn’t even cost all that much. I’ve spent way more on handbags than I did to make sure that I was safe with the man I’m dating.
I didn’t lie to my boyfriend and I told him that I’d hired a P.I. to check up on him. He thought it was hilarious.

Great work as always!

Sep 28, 2017 by Brittney

Thanks so much John! Great work as always!

Brittney - LA Attorney

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